I cater to people who need anonymity and professionalism. I work best with those who prefer to deal with a competent, mature, and trusted professional.

My Specialty Areas include:

  • Custom email domain acquisition, setup and professional hosting and design
  • Wireless Technology Selection - Choose the system that best fits your needs
  • Wireless Concierge Services - Work with you to find, setup and use a wireless system
  • Personal Computer Design, Setup & Backup Strategy - Choose the right computer, platform and backup system
  • Personal Computer Networking Design/Setup - Network your computer with others in your home or office
  • Blackberry & iPhone Support & Training - Help you get the maximum utility from your device
  • eMail Systems Design & Wireless Mobilization - Set up your eMail and connect it to your wireless device
  • Application selection - Help you get the most out of your devices and computers by aiding you in selecting the right software to get the task at hand done
  • Home theater streaming devices - Help you pick out and learn to use any of the new gadgets that hook up to your entertainment center
To schedule your Free Personal Technology Consultation, call or email me.