What is a “Personal Technology Consultant”?
I believe that certain individuals need the services I offer. Successful and busy individuals want to establish a relationship with a trusted advisor whom they can call to address technological glitches quickly and effectively. For this reason I have added the adjective “personal” to my title –Personal Technology Consultant. Lots of people hang out the “consultant” shingle. Lots of “consultants” work exclusively with corporations or large businesses. I want to meet the needs of the special private individuals who desire the ease and effectiveness of a personalized service.
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Do you do everything?
I can successfully tackle most types of technological issues, but of course no one can do everything. I will assess your needs and find the best answer for you if need be.
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What if you can’t fix it?
Some things can’t be fixed and nothing is guaranteed. Just like a lawyer can’t guarantee the outcome of a trial I can’t guarantee a broken phone or data loss incident can be recovered. What I can do, however, is guarantee my best effort and knowledge applied to the problem.
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What if I don’t know the first thing about cell phones or pc’s, but I want to set up a system in my house, or for my practice/business?
If you are fairly unknowledgeable about this whole area, then I am probably ‘your guy.’ I enjoy helping individuals choose a system that is right for them, setting it up, and maintaining and upgrading it. I don’t need to use lots of techno-lingo to get my point across.
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How much do you cost?
Time is money. I can typically accomplish in an hour what it might take a lay person 4 hours to do. As a consultant, I also can’t bill the standard 40 hours a week that the typical salaried individual receives. It’s the nature of the business.
I have hourly rates with typical one hour minimums for my time. I can quote per project rates and retainer rates. We can discuss rates for ‘after hour calls’ if this is necessary.
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Can you detail some examples of the types of systems you have designed?

For Christian Moralde I set up a Web site to facilitate an exchange of information along with detailed descriptions of a listing of silent auction items to be sold for a charity event he hosted. I also maintain his personal web pages for him and advise him of things we can set up to improve his online presence.

I have worked with a professional photographer (Skip Baumhower) helping him to manage his photo process flow from the camera to his online presence. I also advised him in the following ways:

  • Assisted him in his selection of Macintosh computers for use in processing his photos
  • Aided in the selection of his professionally-used mobile phone, which he uses throughout the world to keep in touch with his clients via email or phone calls.
  • Helped him get all of his computers to be able to read email without deleting them so he would see the same view at every computer.
  • Set up his wireless network to work with his wifi based camera's.

For Brandon Rushin I have assisted him with his personal technology needs including:

  • Selection of appropriate computer systems for use at his events and home office.
  • I answer his technical everyday "how-to" questions. From which mobile application to use to which application he should use on his computer for a given task.

A local entrepreneur hired me to facilitate her switch from the PC to the Mac. I was out of town at the time, but after she purchased her Mac I logged in to it securely over the web and was able to show her how things worked and get her data moved over successfully.

Another local professional contacts me from time to time when things get outside of his knowledge base. I have helped him set up an iPad over the phone, or download a CDROM that would securely delete an entire hard drive for him when he needed to get rid of an old computer.

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What is a Wireless Concierge?
A Wireless Concierge is an emerging term that refers to a service which will manage device selection, procurement, setup, billing and on-going maintenance for your wireless service and device. There have been a few startups attempting to do this on a large scale but most have since ceased operations.

I can provide all of these types of services, and much more, if this is what you’re looking for.
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